Is she going to flake? Why doesn't she text back? What does she REALLY think about me? Find out with TextSavvee!  

What the hell is "TextSavvee"??

Think Wingwoman Uber for men. TextSavvee is the world's first on-demand text message consulting service where women help men with their texting woes and give real time, unbiased straightforward advice. We crack the woman code and help men build strong connections that otherwise may not have existed. We're not just limited to text messages. We also consult on dating apps and online dating site conversations.

Don't Be This Guy

How does it work?

It's literally 3 easy steps.
The average time to fill out the form and upload the images is about two minutes with an average response time of less than one hour which is still faster than most women text back :)


Upload Your Screenshots

Upload your text message screenshots (up to 3) along with our short questionnaire and any context you feel necessary so we can accurately assess the situation and submit.


Let Our Ladies Do Their Magic

Qualified consultants handle the rest. Because they don't know you they are able to assess the situation with an unbiased eye and help you understand what's going through her mind. 

You'll receive an audio file that you can download and playback as needed that includes an assessment, feedback, and an action plan to make your next move, a better one. 


Put It To Work

Now armed with valuable insight you are ready to

. Warning: often guys will get the answer that "she's not very interested". It happens but now you know to move on and what mistakes to avoid with the next girl you meet. $10 can save you a lot of time and money. Do it one time or subscribe to the subscription plan that serves you best. 

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